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Citizenship Status, Degree Sought, Educational Level


I am an American citizen born in Hendersonville, Tennessee where I currently reside. I am working toward a degree in Biology Health Sciences at the undergraduate level at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee and will graduate in May 2008.


Statement of Objectives


The objective of the experiment is to show effects of nitrogen based fertilizers in hopes of answering the question do fertilizers really work. If the null hypothesis is correct, plants given the fertilizer mixture will not grow larger than plants given no fertilizer. If the hypothesis is correct, plants given fertilizer will grow larger than the plants not given fertilizer and it could be said that yes, fertilizers do work and are worth purchasing.




Education and Experience, Publication, and Transcript Information


            I am currently working on a bachelorís degree and have no publications at this time. Transcripts are available through Tennessee Technological University.



Letters of Recommendation


Letters of Recommendation are available upon request.